2013 Boy Scout Camp

We were invited to make a 30 minute presentation on oral hygiene to Boy Scouts in kindergarten through 5th grade this year. We decided to do our standard talk on the importance of brushing and flossing, then bring out the big guns. We soaked hard boiled eggs (their shells mimic tooth enamel) in water, Mountain Dew, and Coca Cola for 2 days and another batch of eggs soaked for 3 days. Then we showed the boys the compared the color of the eggs that had been soaked in each drink to one that had not been soaked in anything. Then, we gave a couple of volunteers pre pasted toothbrushes and had them try to brush the stains off the eggs. We ended with a discussion of the flyer we gave them to take home entitled "Drinks Destroy Teeth". The egg that had been soaked in Coca Cola really hit home for them...



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