3rd Grade Field Trip

During the 2010 school year, 3rd grade students from Western Primary took a field trip to Jarrell Orthodontics to get a firsthand look at the orthodontic process. As has happened in the past, the students came off the bus and began the morning with a greeting from Dr. Kevin Jarrell who provided an overview of orthodontics. Next the students were divided into groups and made their way through 4 stations: X-ray, "thumbs", hygiene, and our newest station: itero. At the X-ray station, students were given a look at the X-rays taken for orthodontic evaluation and several students were able to don the lead vest and get into position as if they were going to have an actual panoramic X-ray taken. Moving from X-ray, the students made their way to the lab where they made models of their thumbs in alginate which gave them an idea of the process used to make models of teeth for retainers. After thumbs, it was onto the newest station: the iTero scanner. Here students were able to see how digital scans of a patient's teeth are made which has basically eliminated the need for alginate impressions when a patient first starts treatment. One student from each class was able to have a scan taken while their classmates watched the digital pictures come up on the iTero screen. After that, it was back to the reception area for a brief lesson on proper brushing and flossing before they received their goodie bags containing a "tooth" themed pencil, eraser, sticker, single use prepasted toothbrush, and the mold of their thumb. Then, it was time to board the bus and go back to school.






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