1st Grade Adventure

During the 2006/07 school year, staff members from Jarrell Orthodontics visited numerous schools throughout Howard County to teach 1st grade students the importance of brushing, flossing, and good oral hygiene. Following the lesson on oral hygiene, the 1st grade students learned about orthodontics and got an up close and personal look at some orthodontic models. At the conclusion of the program, each 1st grade student got to choose a toy from the toy chest to take home along with a "tooth" themed pencil, eraser, sticker, and tooth keeper necklace. We were pleased to present this program to 1st grade students in Taylor, Western, Eastern, Maple Crest, Lafayette Park, St. Joan/St. Patrick's, and Wallace Schools. We chose 1st grade students for this particular program because the American Association of Orthodontists recommends children be evaluated by an orthodontist at the age of 7.

Young Taylor "Titans" Learn About Good Oral Hygiene


Young Eastern "Comets" Learn About Good Oral Hygiene


Young Western "Panthers" Learn About Good Oral Hygiene


Wallace Elementary School Students Learn About Good Oral Hygiene


3rd Grade Field Trip

During the 2006/07 school year, 3rd grade students from Western Primary took a field trip to Jarrell Orthodontics to see firsthand what the orthodontic process involves. The students were greeted by Dr. Kevin Jarrell who began the morning with an introduction to orthodontics before they were sent off to the lab to learn about the x-ray process. After x-ray, the students made a mold of the thumb which gave them an idea of the way the molds for their teeth would be made. Their last stop was the clinic where they were given a refresher course on brushing and flossing before they were given their goodie bags which contained a "tooth" themed pencil, eraser, single use prepasted toothbrush, and the mold of their thumb.



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