Orthodontics is often a family affair. It is not unusual for an orthodontist to treat several members of the same family in rapid succession. And in practices like we have at Jarrell Orthodontics, it is not unusual for Dr. Dave to have begun family's treatment and Dr. Kevin to complete the treatment. That is exactly what we have with the Duncan family.

Larry & Nancy Duncan began their relationship with Jarrell Orthodontics in the 1990's when their 4 children were treated for a variety of orthodontic issues by Dr. David Jarrell. Fast forward into 2008, and we are pleased to report that we now see Larry & Nancy's grandson, Michael (Sandee's son) in the office for treatment. The last time they were in the office with Michael, we commented upon how happy we were to have the family continue their relationship with Jarrell Orthodontics. We also mentioned that we would love to do a small article in the Jarrell Orthodontics newsletter about the family. They were thrilled to be asked; and actually had the photo you see here taken just for this occasion.

Duncan Family, we appreciate your business and love to see your beautiful smiles! It has been, and continues to be, a pleasure working with all of you!



The Duncan Family as pictured:

Front row left to right: Nancy Duncan, Christian Duncan, and Larry Duncan.

Back row left to right: Terri Duncan, Michael Lamb, Tonia Marsh, and Sandee Lamb.




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