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2014 Winners

December - Our December contest asked patients to find and write down the locationo of "Selfie the Elfie" who hid in a different place in the office each day in December. Emilia D. was the winner of this contest and took home 4 tickets to Christmas at the Zoo for her prize. From the picture they sent us, it looks like Emilia D. and her family enjoyed their time at the Zoo!


November - Elf on the Shelf came to Jarrell orthodontics this year and we asked our patients to suggest a name for our "Elf" for the November contest. The prize for this contest, 100 pit passes, was of interest to all. We congratulate Alexa A. who suggested the name "Selfie" and took home the pit passes. Have fun "spending" those 100 pit passes, Alexa A.!

October - In October, we let our patients try their hand at matching pumpkins decorated by the members of Team Jarrell to the team member. Everyone loves to see how the pumpkins are decorated and we have quite a bit of fun with this contest. Ryan B. took hom the prize: a $40 gift card to Amazon.com for getting the most matches correct. Enjoy the gift card, Ryan B.!

We held the "Howard/Cass County: Show Us Your Smile!" Contest in October in honor of Orthodontic Health Month. We simply asked people in both counties to send us a picture of them holding up a sign which tells what makes them smile. One of our patients, Ian C. was the grand prize winner and took home $250 in cash for his entry. Ian C. said "funny jokes" make him smile!

September - This one was fun...we had the folks at Guffey Acres bring a corn stalk into the office and asked the patients to guess how many kernels were on the ear of corn on the stalk. We were amazed at Kate G. who came within a couple of kernels of being right on the money. For her great work, Kate G. won 4 passes for Guffey Acres and a gift card for pizza!

August - August not only means the kids are back in school but the start of the NFL season is just around the corner as well. So, we asked our patients to match pictures of NFL Referee signals with the signal being made. We congratulate Austin M. who was the winner of the contest and scored a ticket to Father/Son COLTS Camp which we know he enjoyed!

August also saw the end of our 2014 Flat Doc Contest. We loved seeing all the places and activities in which Flat Doc was able to take part. The pictures were great. Tyler G. was the grand prize winner, winning the Most Creative category and taking home an iPad Mini for his Flat Doc picture.

In addition to our grand prize winner, we had two other winners. Taking 2nd Place for Highest Ranked on Facebook went to Charis W. who received a $100 VISA Gift Card. And finally, taking 3rd Place for Farthest Traveled was Drew F. who went to Cozumel, Mexico and was kind enough to take Flat Dr. Kevin along! Congratulations to all our winners; we loved the pictures we received for our 2nd Annual Flat Doc contest.

July - With kids preparing to go back to school, we asked our patients to match a number of area school mascots with the school to which they belonged. The prize for this was one of our most popular: a backpack filled to the gills with school supplies. Courtney S. was the winner of all the loot. We know Courtney S. went back to school in style this year!


June - Our June contest focused on American Flag trivia. We asked patients to answer a series of question on the American flag in honor of Flag Day and 4th of July. We congratulate Noah B. who got a perfect score and won a boom box for his flag prowess!

May - Our May contest focuses on the Indianapolis 500 each year. This year, we asked patients to take a trivia quiz with questions about things like "How many Brickyard burgers are served during the month of May" or "If all the t-shirts sold at IMS were stretched end to end from the Speedway, what city would they reach". Just your normal, run of the mill Indy 500 trivia! Jon H. ended up our winner with a perfect score. We were thrilled to learn that this was to be Jon's 1st Indianapolis 500 and hope he had a great time!

April - Our April Contest is always a favorite of our patients because the prize is an Easter basket filled to overflowing with good stuff. In order to be entered to win the Easter basket this year, patients had to guess how many jelly beans we put into a plastic egg. Alexis S. came in with an amazing guess of 421 and the real number was 419; she was only off by 2! So, Alexis S. took home the coveted Easter basket which her Mom later said she shared with others. That's the spirit, Alexis S., congratulations!

March - We went with a St. Patrick's Day theme for our March contest and asked patients to "spot the differences" between 2 scenes featuring Leprechauns, shamrocks, and other things associated with St. Paddy's day. Conner H. came up with the winning number and won a remote controlled helicopter for his efforts. Congratulations, Conner H.!

February - Our February contest asked our patients to count how many hearts Cupid had tossed around the office. Lizzie T. was the winner of the contest and took home a digital camera for her prize. Congratulations, Lizzie T., we hope you take lots of pictures with your new camera!

January - In January, we gave ourpatients a look back at Team Jarrell as infants. With our Baby New Year Contest, patients were asked to match current pictures of Team Jarrell with their baby pictures. Olivia M. had a perfect score on this contest and won a $25 gift card to AMC Theaters and $25 to Five Guys Burgers & Fries! Congratulations, Olivia M.!

2013 Winners

December- In December, we introduced our patients to "Ortholand" and asked them to guess how many edible items went into the making of Ortholand. Corbin A. was the winner who took home 4 tickets to Christmas at the Zoo as his prize. We hope he enjoyed his time at the Zoo; it's really something to see at Christmas. Congratulations, Corbin A.!

November - Thanksgiving is just around the corner and it’s a holiday when many people take a minute to count their blessings. Because most of us have much for which to be thankful, we chose that as the focus of Dr. Kevin’s Thanksgiving Blessings Contest. Patients were asked to answer this question: “When you sit down to that big Thanksgiving dinner, this year, what are you going to be thankful for?”. Alex J. was our big winner and earned himself a $40 gift card to AMC Theaters for his efforts. With all those good holiday movies coming out, we have no doubt Alex J. will be heading to the theater sometime soon! Congratulations, Alex J.!

October - Each year, the members of Team Jarrell decorate pumpkins for display at the front desk and we ask patients to vote for their favorite pumpkin. In addition to asking our patients to vote on their favorite pumpkin, this year, we asked patients to match the Jarrell team member with the pumpkin they decorated. We congratulate Dalton K. who won this month's contest. From the looks of his picture, we think he is going to enjoy his COLTS slanket and portable idock stereo system. Way to go, Dalton K.!

September - As is our custom, our September contests always revolve around the Indianapolis COLTS. This year's contest asked patients to match 4 Colts "players" with their descriptions. Another great prize: registration for parent/child to COLTS mini camp, was on the line and Layton M. came up with the win. Layton M., it looks like you had a great time at COLTS Mini Camp!

August - We asked patients to match the Jarrell Orthodontics' team member with the place of their birth. The prize was a big one: 100 Pit Passes! COLTS fan, Quentin H. was the winner and he had a great time spending quite a few of his newly won Pit Passes on some pretty sweet COLTS items. Congratulations, Quentin H.!

July - July means it time to prepare to go back to school and the prize for our July contest is always a backpack stuffed to overflowing with school supplies. To enter this contest, patients simply had to tell us what percentage of a student's body weight their backpack should weigh. Sophia W. guessed 10% which was right on the nose. For her efforts, Sophia W. took home the backpack and a load of school supplies.

June - In June, we decided to give our patients a little trivia quiz on the cities in which they visit Jarrell Orthodontics: Kokomo and Logansport. We congratulate Cameron E. who was the winner of this contest which proved a bit harder than we thought! Cameron E. took home a backyard game set and a $25 gift card for ice cream to eat after games. We hope he has enjoyed his prizes!

May - The month of May can only mean one thing: it's time for our Indianapolis 500 Contest. This year, we asked patients to answer 2 questions about the Indianapolis 500 ticket - who was pictured on the ticket and what had they done to merit getting their picture on the ticket. Because Hunter K. knew that Dario Franchitti was on the ticket for winning last year's Indy 500, he scored 2 tickets to the Big Race! Hunter K., we hope you enjoyed the 97th running of the Indianapolis 500!

April - The title of our contest in April was "The Tax Man Cometh" and you guessed it, the theme was money. Only this time, we were putting money back into the pocket of one lucky patient! We congratulate Alexis D. who correctly guessed $57.53 as the amount of money in the jar and hit it on the nose! Alexis D., enjoy spending your winnings!

March - The month of March saw Peter Cottontail and his bunny family members having a family reunion at Jarrell Orthodontics. We had bunnies sprinkled throughout the office and asked patients to guess how many bunnies had hopped into the office. Bridget K. hit the nail on the head with her guess of 263 bunnies and took home our Easter basket overflowing with good things. Congratulations, Bridget K., don't eat all those Easter goodies at one time!!

February - In February, we focused on famous people born in the month of February. We listed a number of celebrities and asked patients to match the celebrity with their description. Jacob C. was our lucky winner who took home a $25 gift card to AMC Theatres and a Valentine's treat of his choice which turned out to be a $15 gift card to B&K Root Beer! Enjoy, Jacob C.!

January - We decided to extend the holiday season into January with our "O Christmas Tree" contest which asked patients to match the Jarrell Team Member to their Christmas tree. We congratulate Haley B. who won the contest and took home our telescope. We wish Haley B. many peaceful hours looking at the stars!

2012 Winners

November/December - Our holiday contest, which began right after Thanksgiving, asked patients to guess how many cotton balls went into the making of Santa Jarrell's beard. The guesses ranged from right on the money, 96, to the thousands. Apparently, cotton balls can be tricky to count! Ashley J. was the winner of this final patient contest of 2012 and won a party for 10 at the Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park in Fishers! Congratulations, Ashley J., remember to eat your pizza after you jump around!!!

October/November - In October, we gave our patients a reality check on the amounts of sugar contained in some of their favorite beverages. We asked patients to match the amounts of sugar on display with the beverage. It was an eye opening exercise for our patients and their parents. With a perfect score, Blake Z. earned himself a $25 gift card to Pizza Hut and a Catch Phrase game. Congratulations, Blake Z., enjoy your prizes!

September/October - Because those dreaded school pictures are usually taken in the first part of the school year, we thought we would commiserate with our patients and show off some of our old school pictures. So, the contest had patients matching Jarrell Team pictures with their old school pictures. Trelaine & Liz S. were the winners of this contest. For their efforts, the girls took home the much coveted Gyro Nano Spy Copter which Trelaine S. was able to pick up and take home.


August - August was a busy contest month for Jarrell Orthodontics' patients. We started out by asking patients to think about the 2012 Olympic Games and match flags set to be carried in the Parade of Athletes at the Opening Ceremonies to the country represented by the flags. We congratulate Naomi M. who won, with a perfect score (something few Olympians got this year). Naomi M. won our backpack overflowing with school supplies. Congratulations, Naomi M.!

Next up, we asked patients to focus on the NFL season and the teams scheduled to play the Indianapolis COLTS this year. Patients were asked to match the football helmets of the COLTS opponents with the team name. We had quite a few score score touchdowns on this contest but the winner was Chandler C. For his work, Chandler C. took home our COLTS prize package consisting of COLTS earbuds, a COLTS baseball cap, and a COLTS fleece throw. Congratulations, Chandler C.!


July - "Whose Hand is That?" was the title of our July contest which featured a picture of the Jarrell Orthodontics' team members hands after manicures at the Spa courtesy of Dr. Kevin. We asked patients to match the hand to the team member and Michelle G. was our winner! For her efforts, Michelle G. won our Fun5 Game Set and a $10 gift certificate to Kokomo Frozen Custard. Congratulations, Michelle G.!

June – Last month we focused on the “art” of open wheel racing, this month we took a look at our patient’s interest in painting a masterpiece. We asked our patients to tell us what they would paint if they could paint a masterpiece. Sarah B. was our winner telling us she would like to pain the Eiffel Tower if she were painting a masterpiece. Sarah B. will get a chance to pick up a paintbrush and let her inner artist loose as her prize was 2 tickets to Cookies & Canvas. Sarah B., we can’t wait to see your painting; enjoy!

Our 2nd contest in June was for a scholarship to Guffey Acres’ Farm Camp. Jolie G. was the winner of this contest and had a great week at Farm Camp. You can see pictures of Jolie G. and her adventures “down on the farm” at the contest page of our website. Jolie G., we are glad you had such a great time on the farm!

May – Our annual salute to the Indianapolis 500 resulted in another trivia contest. We asked patients to answer 4 questions about the Indy 500 to see just how much attention they pay to Indy Car racing. Brooklyn F. was our winner and took home 2 tickets to the Indianapolis 500. We hear Brooklyn F. had a wonderful time at the race. Way to cross the finish line, Brooklyn F.!

April – Our thoughts turned to the Titanic as the 100th anniversary of the ocean liner’s sinking was commemorated on April 14, 2012. We gave our patients a quiz to test their knowledge of this tragic event. Bailey D. knew her Titanic trivia and took home a gift certificate to AMC Theaters. Good job, Bailey D.!

March – In March, we focused on Spring Break and asked patients to tell us their favorite thing to do during Spring Break. Chandler C. was our winner. He took home $31 (one dollar for every day in March) to spend any way he wanted during Spring Break. Way to go, Chandler C.!

February – Cassie C. knows her love songs! Cassie C. was the winner of our Valen”tunes” contest which asked patients to match the titles of love songs with the group/person who sang them. For her work, Cassie took home a gift card to Olive Garden. Congrats, Cassie C.!

January – Bre Ann S. was the winner of our first “Pick Your Nose” Contest! We made models of each team member’s nose, placed them on a poster board alongside pictures of the team members, and asked patients to match the team member with their nose. Bre Ann S. was the winner and took home a couple of ice skating passes. Yea, Bre Ann S.!

2011 Winners

December- We congratulate Elise G. who won our Holiday Themed find the hidden pictures! She found the most sprigs of holly and fruit cakes. Elise won movie tickets for the cold wintery days we have ahead of us! Congrats Elise, and stay warm!

November- We congratulate Andrew R. who won our Thanksgiving trivia! Andrew proved he knew all there was to know about the pilgrims and history of thanksgiving. For that Andrew won two tickets to Christmas at the Indianapolis Zoo! Enjoy the lights!

October- We congratulate Carly D. on winning our "How many do you See" challenge! Carly guessed how may spooky eyeballs there were in our pumpkin. She won a Halloween trick or treating prize pack! Congrats Carly!!

September- We congratulate Adam M. who won our Colts prize pack for answering our Super Bowl trivia! In honor of the Super Bowl taking over Indianapolis, we put together a trivia question, and Adam knew his stuff!!

Summer Contest- We congratulate Tyler V. who won the "Summer Picture Challenge"! Tyler sent us a picture of him wearing his Jarrell t-shirt while on vacation this summer! For showing his Jarrell pride Tyler has won the dolphin in water experience at the Indianapolis Zoo!! Have fun with the dolphins on us Tyler!

August- We congratulate Ethan C. who won the School Supplies Contest. Ethan is now the proud owner of a backpack over flowing with tons of supplies for the upcoming school year! Get out there and learn Ethan! Congrats again.

July- We congratulate Cayliegh M. on her big win! Cayleigh has won our "Brickyard 400 Contest"!! Cayleigh won tickets to this year's Brickyard! She will enjoy a day at the race track! Congratulations Cayleigh!

June - We congratulate Noah C. who was the winner of our "Wander Indiana" contest. Noah really knows his Indiana cities and towns! For his efforts, Noah C. will receive a $20 gift card for gas and a $25 gift card to Cracker Barrel so he and his family can "Wander Indiana" on us.

May - We congratulate Lauren C. who will be attending the 100th running of the Indianapolis 500, courtesy of Jarrell Orthodontics! Lauren C. missed a perfect score on our Indy 500 Winners Contest by 1 point. So, congratulations, Lauren C. We hope you love the race!

April - We had several contests going for patients this month. Lauren S. won our Easter Coloring Contest. Allyson F. won our "Find the Changes" Easter Contest. Both girls won Easter baskets stuffed to overflowing with Easter treats of all kinds. We congratulate Lauren S. and Allyson F. on their wins! We also thank everyone who took part in the Easter Coloring Contest; all of our "runners up" received chocolate bunnies!

March - Our Mardi Gras Mask Contest was a hit! We actually had quite a few patients match all 10 team members with their pictures in their Mardi Gras masks. Weston R. was the winner of the contest. For his keen eye, Weston R. will take home a $25 gift card to Best Buy!

February - Congratulations to Luke H. who won our Favorite Movie Contest. Luke H. knows his Jarrell team members; he successfully matched 8 out of 10 team member's with their favorite movie. Luke H. takes home a $25 gift card to AMC Theatres for his work!

January - We started the New Year off right with a couple of contest winners already! Riley W. was the big winner of "Dr. Kevin's Pick the Winners" 2010 Football Contest. Riley W. took home a New York Jets jersey as his prize. We think he's looking pretty good in that jersey! Congratulations, Riley W.!

Congratulations also go out to Hannah S. who was the winner of our Winter Wonderland Word Search Contest. On the eve of the what may be the biggest snowstorm of the season, Hannah S. is taking home our winter prize pack consisting of hot chocolate, gloves, a hat, and a snow tube. Enjoy, Hannah S.!

2010 Winners

December - To close out the year, we gave our patients a quiz to test their knowledge of some of the most beloved Christmas cartoons of all time: Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, A Charlie Brown Christmas, and How The Grinch Stole Christmas. Rayna S. was our winner with a perfect score. Rayna S. took home an Uno Attack Game and a $20 gift card to Blockbuster. Congratulations, Rayna S.!

November - In honor of President Obama's appearance on the show MythBusters, we tested our patients' knowledge of Thanksgiving with a Myth or Fact quiz. Andrew R. was the winner of this contest; he won a 1 year Family Membership to the Indiana State Museum for his efforts. Congratulations, Andrew R.!

October - In October, we asked our patients to suggest a new Halloween costume for Charlie Brown who always gets rocks in his Trick-or-Treat bag when he wears a sheet with holes in it. Malarye C. was our winner; she suggested he go as a "peanut"! Congratulations, Malarye C., we hope you enjoy your Halloween tree complete with Peanuts character Halloween ornaments!

September - The winner of our Dr. Kevin's COLTS Trivia Quiz was Hannah M. She had a perfect score on the quiz. Hannah M. will take home our COLTS prize pack along with the "Wheel of Fortune" game which, incidentally, was the game show upon which Marvin Harrison appeared in 1999! Congratulations, Hannah M.!

August - We had 2 winners in August. Our first winner, Raistlin C. won our Indiana Trivia Contest and took home our backpack stuffed to the gills with school supplies! Our second winner, Kevin M. was the winner of our Summer Postcard Contest. Kevin M. won 2 tickets to Conner Prairie Museum and 2 tickets to the museum's Tethered Hot Air Balloon Ride! We thank both Raistlin C. and Kevin M. for taking part in our contests. Congratulations, guys, enjoy your prizes!

July - We went back to the racetrack in July when we asked patients to guess the winner of the Lifelock400.com at the Chicagoland Speedway for a chance to win a pair of tickets to the Brickyard 400. Mitchell M. was the big winner! For his efforts, Mitchell M. took home 2 tickets to the July 25 Brickyard 400 at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Congratulations, Mitchell M., get ready to go racing; you are going to love it!

June - In June, we asked patients to solve a Picture Puzzle mystery. Patients had to look at 2 seemingly identical pictures and point out the 5 differences between the two pictures. Emily F. had the answers all right and won an opportunity to be a guest "DJ" with Allan James and Jessica Green on the Z92.5FM Morning Show! We wish her the best with her radio debut and can't wait to hear how she likes being "on the air"! Congratulations again, Emily F.!

May - We congratulate Madison S. who was the winner of Dr. Kevin's Pace Car Contest. Madison S. answered all 8 questions on the quiz correctly and won 2 tickets to the 2010 Indianpolis 500 for her efforts! Enjoy the race, Madison S.!

April - Congratulations, Bethany B., who won our Monkeying Around Contest in April. Bethany B. correctly guessed how many Jarrell Orthodontics monkeys we had "hanging around" at Jarrell Orthodontics and won 2 tickets to the Indianapolis Zoo, a ticket to be a Junior Dolphin Trainer, and, of course, a Jarrell Orthodontics monkey. Remember, Bethany B., we want to see pics of your zoo experience!

March - We congratulate Michelle M. on her knowledge of events that happened, or people who were born, in the "Marvelous Month of March". Michelle's prize was a $25 gift card to Books A Million. We congratulate Michelle M. and hope she enjoyed spending her gift card!

February - Gabrielle H. was the winner of our 2010 Facebook Olympics Contest. She came the closest to guessing the number of gold medals Team USA would win. For her win, she was awarded a Guitar Hero 5 game for the Wii! Congratulations, Gabrielle H.!

We had another winner in February. Josey S. won our Dream Vacation Contest. Josey and 3 friends will receive a tour of Mike’s Pizza/Italian Grill along with personal pan pizzas, pop and breadsticks made while they watch! Sounds yummy to us, enjoy Josey S.!

January - We had a couple of winners to congratulate in January. First, Judy A. was the winner of Dr. Kevin's Pick the Winners Football Contest. For her football prowess, Judy A. won a jersey from the NFL team of her choice. Judy's choice was the Pittsburgh Steelers; see her pictured below with her prize. Congratulations, Judy A. and thank you for playing our 1st Season of Pick the Winners!

Our second winner of the month was Amanda C. Her entry was drawn in our "Let's Make a Deal" contest. Amanda was given the choice between $31 and what was in the box at the front desk. Amanda C. chose the $31.00. Congratulations Amanda, and thank you for playing "Let's Make a Deal"!

2009 Winners

December - In December, we asked patients to test their knowledge of "Christmas Around the World" by matching Christmas traditions with the country of origin. Derek L. was our winner and took home $25 gift certificates for Kokomo Sport Bowl and Kerasotes Theater for his efforts. Way to go, Derek L.!

November - For November's contest, we asked patients to complete Dr. Kevin's Thanksgiving Feast Word Search. The prize, won by Ariana G. was a $50 gift card to Cracker Barrel. Ariana G. , congratulations and enjoy your meal at Cracker Barrel!

October - After the Halloween Contest ended early in the month, we took the rest of October and early November to focus on our Christopher Columbus Trivia Quiz. For his knowledge of Christopher Columbus, Hunter K. won a gift card for pizza and an assortment of board games. Congratulations, Hunter K., we hope you enjoy your prize!

We asked patients throughout the month of September and early October to name their favorite thing to receive in their bag when trick-or-treating. Tyler W.'s whose entry was chosen as the winner said he loves to get giant Hershey bars in his Halloween bag. For his efforts, Tyler W. won our Halloween graveyard and a giant Hershey bar! Congratulations, Tyler W.!

September - We started the month off right with 2 winners! Sarah C. was the winner of Dr. Kevin's Groovy Guitar Contest held for our Logansport patients! Faith M. submitted the winning design in our Cookbook Cover Design Contest which was open to all patients. Faith's artwork will serve as the cover of the cookbook we are creating to go with the Christmas tree we are decorating for We Care this year. We congratulate both Sarah C. and Faith M. (pictured below) on their creativity; your designs were great!

Then, we had Chase P. win our "Strike" Contest held in the office for National Bowling Week the beginning of September. We set up a small "bowling alley" in the office and let patients have 2 attempts to bowl a strike. Those who did had their name entered in a drawing for a $20 gift card to Kokomo Sport Bowl. Congratulation, Chase P., you bowled a strike and won the gift card!

Finally, we have one more winner this month. Tyler D. won the COLTS Trivia Contest and will get to go, with a parent, to the "Father/Son Colts Camp" September 29 at the COLTS Complex where Tyler D. and his parent will get an "inside" look at COLTS football. We know they will enjoy this experience. Congratulations, Tyler D.!

August - For the "back to school" contest, we asked patients to tell us the name of their favorite teacher and what made that teacher special. Lucas R. named Mrs. Sharp as his favorite teacher and won our backpack stuffed to the gills with school supplies, snacks, and more for his efforts. Congratulations Lucas R., you will be going back to school in style!

Our 2nd winner of the month was Jack S. who won the PSP in the summer postcard contest when the postcard he mailed us from Washington D.C. was drawn from all the postcards we received. Congratulations, Jack S., we know you will enjoy the PSP!


July - In July, we asked patients to predict the winner of the Lifelock.com 400 on July 11 for a chance to win 2 tickets to the Brickyard 400 on July 26 at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Taylor F. submitted the winning entry and is going to experience the thrill of the Brickyard courtesy of Jarrell Orthodontics. Congratulations, Taylor F., enjoy the race!

We also asked patients in our Kokomo office to write an essay entitled "Why I Love the USA" for a gift card to their favorite store. Malena W. won the essay contest and picked up a gift card to Old Navy for her efforts. Congratulations, Malena W., we loved your essay!

June - In honor of Mother's & Father's Day, we chose to celebrate Moms and Dads with our contest this month. So, we asked our patients to tell us which TV Mom & Dad they wished they could have. On his winning entry, Nick S. said his TV Mom & Dad of choice was Marge & Homer Simpson! For his efforts, Nick S. wins the Summer Game Prize Package. Congratulations, Nick S.!

May T-Shirt Design Contest - We had an enthusiastic response to our 1st T-Shirt Design Contest and thank everyone who entered for their creative designs. Two winners were chosen - 1 from the Kokomo entries and 1 from the Logansport entries. Lawanya R. submitted the winning entry in Kokomo; Laurie D. submitted the winning entry in Logansport. For their efforts, they will each receive a $50 gift certificate to the store of their choice along with t-shirts imprinted with their designs. In addition, the winning designs will be imprinted on t-shirts that the Jarrell staff will be wearing to work.

Lawanya's theme was "Creating Star Smiles". Laurie chose to go with a pirate theme. We congratulate both Lawanya and Laurie for their winning designs which are pictured below:


May - In May, our patients were asked to answer 3 questions about the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in honor of the Speedway's 100th anniversary celebration. While several of our patients answered all 3 questions correctly, Jack S. submitted the winning entry and won the tickets to the 2009 Indianapolis 500! Congratulations, Jack S., enjoy the race!

April - In April, we asked our patients to take a guess at Jarrell Orthodontics' staff members favorite snacks. We listed snacks and had patients match the snack to the staff person. Levi H. won the contest with 8 out of 12 matches right! For his efforts, he won 2 tickets to Indiana Beach Amusement Resort and a bag of his favorite snack. Congratulations, Levi H.!

March - For our March contest asked patients to match movie quotes to the movies from which the quotes were taken. Our winner, Zach W. had all 10 answers correct for which he was awarded a $15.00 gift certificate to Kerasotes Theater and the Disney version of "Scene It". Congratulations, Zach!

February - For our Valentine's Day contest in February, we asked patients to guess how many hearts we had scattered throughout the office. Madison D. came the closest to the correct number; she was off by just 4 hearts! For her efforts, Madison won a stuffed Valentine's Day Bear with gift certificates to Family Video. Great job, Madison!

We had another contest running in February in honor of Women's Heart Health Month - "The Healthy Refrigerator" quiz. The winner of that contest, Hannah T. who had a perfect score on the quiz, won a gift certificate to Subway for her efforts. Enjoy, Hannah T.!

January - For our January Contest, we asked patients to match pictures of our staff as they look today with their baby pictures. We had a lot of fun watching patients and their parents study the pictures to try to figure out how they matched up. Bailey R. was our winner. Bailey had 10 correct matches out of 12 and won a gift certificate to The Game Exchange for his efforts. Great job, Bailey!

2008 Winners

December - For our December contest, we made it easy on everyone. We simply asked our patients to complete the sentence, "All I want for Christmas is...". We got a wide array of answers: world peace, an iPod, a DS Game, etc. But the winning entries were submitted by Hannah M. who won our white gold diamond Snowflake pendant, and Brenner E. who won our AirHogs RC Jet! We congratulate both Hannah and Brenner and hope they enjoy their early Christmas gifts from Dr. Kevin!

November Contest - In November, our contest focused on the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. We gave our patients a quiz to test their knowledge of this long-standing Thanksgiving tradition. Our winner, Alice M., won 2 board games, Life and the new World Edition of Monopoly, along with gift certificates to Papa Murphy's pizza for her efforts. Congratulations, Alice M., don't forget to watch the parade this year!

October Contest - From early October to the end of the month, we asked our patients to answer a question based on the beloved Halloween classic, "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown". Kaylee W. knew that Charlie Brown received rocks in his trick or treat bag at every stop on Halloween night. For her efforts, Kaylee W. won our set of Charlie Brown Holiday dvd's, a gift certificate for pizza, and a pair of witch slippers to wear on Halloween! Congratulations, Kaylee W.!

From late September to early October, we gave our patients a trivia quiz to test their knowledge of Hershey Kisses in honor of Milton Hershey's September 13 birthday. Our grand prize winner, Brianna S., received our Talking Pumpkin Head Scarecrow with a bowl full of orthodontically approved Hershey candy. Our runner-up, Alexis M., won a cauldron full of orthodontically approved Hershey candy as well. We congratulate both Brianna and Alexis!

September COLTS Contest - From August to early September, we asked our patients to name the college at which Indianapolis COLTS Quarterback Peyton Manning played football. Zac R. knew the answer to the question and his entry was pulled as the winner of our COLTS prize package. Congratulations, Zac R., we hope you love the Peyton Manning jersey and other football themed items!

August Scavenger Hunts - In August, we asked our patients to go on a scavenger hunt for information. Patients in Kokomo and Logansport were asked to visit area businesses and get the answer to a question specific to each business. The winners (1 in Kokomo and 1 in Logansport) would receive backpacks overflowing with school supplies and gift certificates. We congratulate our winners: Raven L. in Kokomo and Karlee K. in Logansport. In addition, the entry from Austin H. was drawn as our runner-up. Austin won a 9 in 1 backyard game set. We thank Raven, Karlee, and Austin for taking part in our Scavenger Hunt!

July Brickyard 400 Contest - In July, we asked our patients to predict the name of the winner of the Lifelock.com 400 for a chance to win a pair of tickets to the Brickyard 400 on July 27 at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. We congratulate Dylan B. who predicted, correctly, that Kyle Busch would be the winner of the race. Congratulations, Dylan, enjoy the Brickyard 400!

June Summer Activity Contest - Our patients were asked to name their favorite summertime activity for our June Contest. We congratulate Brayden G. and Emma M. for submitting the winning entries. Brayden G. won a $25 gift certificate to Papa Johns along with a gift certificate for 4 to play miniature golf at Kingsway; Emma M. won a scrapbooking kit and a $25 gift certificate to Papa Johns. Congratulations and enjoy your summer!

May Indy 500 Trivia Contest - For our May contest, we gave our patients a trivia quiz to test their knowledge of the "greatest spectacle in racing", the Indianapolis 500. We congratulate Vanessa S. whose entry was chosen out of all the correct entries. For her knowledge of the Indy 500, Vanessa S. won 2 tickets to the Indianapolis 500!

April Earth Day Contest - In anticipation of Earth Day, April 22, we asked our patients to find a number of words having to do with Earth Day, the environment, global warming, and more, in our Earth Day Word Search. We congratulate Bethany T. whose entry was chosen out of all the correct entries. Bethany wins our Earth Day prize package for her efforts.

March Chocolate Easter Bunny Contest - In March, we asked our patients to tell us what part of that spring favorite, the chocolate Easter bunny, they ate first. "Ears," replied our winner Jairus M. who received an Easter basket chock full of Easter treats, including, of course, a chocolate Easter bunny and a Cranium game. Our 1st runner up, Max C., who said he eats the face first, was the winner of our chocolate Easter bunny. Congratulations, guys!

February Leap Year Trivia Contest - We gave our patients another trivia test this time using Leap Year as our subject. The winner of the contest was Ethan C. who received a gift certificate for 2 hours of Cosmic bowling, pizza, pop, and shoes for 6 at Cedar Crest lanes.

January Chinese New Year Contest - We tested our patients on their knowledge of Chinese New Year by asking them which animal represented the month of January on the Chinese calendar. Amy W. submitted the winning entry and received a digital camera for her efforts! Congratulations, Amy!


2007 Winners

Christmas Memories - We asked our staff to tell us about their favorite Christmas memories, then we asked our patients to match the memory to the staff person. Lindsey C. and Ryan S. were the winners of the Christmas gifts on display at the front desk. Congratulations Lindsey and Ryan!

November Thanksgiving Dinner Contest - We asked our patients to tell us what their favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner was for a chance to win a gift certificate at Cracker Barrel. Sarah L. had the winning entry. Congratulations, Sarah, enjoy your dinner!

October Halloween Trivia Contest - We asked our patients a number of questions about Halloween to see how much they knew about the holiday. Kassie N. was the winner with a perfect score. For her knowledge on the subject, she won a Make Your Own Pizza Kit and the game "Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?". Congratulations Kassie!

September COLTS Word Search Contest -We asked our patients to find 15 COLTS related words in our own COLTS Word Search Contest for a chance to win a COLTS fleece throw and an NFL Trivia Game. Megan S. was the winner of the contest. Congratulations Megan & GO COLTS!

Summer Postcard Contest - We asked our patients to send us postcards from their summer travels, then chose one at random with the winner set to receive a digital camera. We congratulate Melinda B. who sent us a postcard from Washington, D.C.

August School Lunch Contest - We asked our patients to match various school lunch menus with the countries in which the lunches are served for a chance to win a backpack filled with school supplies. Dakota L. was the winner of this year's school backpack. Congratulations Dakota, enjoy the backpack and its contents!

June/July Brickyard Contest - We asked our patients to guess the winner of the USG Sheetrock 400 NASCAR race for a pair of tickets to the Allstate 400 at the Brickyard. We had a number of patients who guessed correctly that Tony Stewart would win the Sheetrock 400; from those we drew the name of Tammy G. Congratulations to Tammy who will be going to the Brickyard courtesy of Jarrell Orthodontics.

June/July Harry Potter Contest - We asked our patients how many of the Harry Potter books they had read and how many of the Harry Potter movies they had seen, then we drew from the names for the winner. Nathan B. was out winner and took home a $20 gift certificate to Kerasotes Theater and a $40 gift certificate for Books A Million. Congratulations!

May's Contest - A drawing was held with the winner receiving an Indy 500 "Track Pack" consisting of a cooler bag stuffed with enough snack items to get the winner through a grueling 500 miles. Our winner was Kelsey S. Congratulations!

April usually brings showers, this time it brought a giant baseball glove shaped chair for the winner of our Baseball Word Search!

March's Contest - In honor of St. Patrick's Day, our patients were asked to locate the "Pot of Gold" in the office at Jarrell Orthodontics. The winner was Kitara who won an electric toothbrush. Congratulations, Kitara!

February's Contest - Presidential Trivia was the subject of our February Contest; the winner was Derrick who won a $25.00 gift certificate to Books-A-Million. Congratulations, Derrick!

January's Contest - The winners of our most recent contest, "The Forecast Calls for SNOW!" were Taylor and Jarod who came the closest to guessing the number of snowflakes scattered throughout our Kokomo and Logansport offices. Each is entitled a tour of the WRTV6 Studio with WRTV Chief Meteorologist Kevin Gregory,,,and a chance to be Kevin's helper during the weather forecast after the tour. Congratulations Taylor & Jarod!


2006 Winners

December's Contest - Christmas stockings stuffed with goodies were the prizes awarded to Jessica and Joshua for winning Dr. Kevin's Christmas Carol Word Scramble. We congratulate Jessica and Joshua and hope they enjoyed their prizes!

November's Contest - Thanksgiving Trivia was the subject of our Thanksgiving Contest; the prize was a gift certificate to Target.

October's Contest - Michaela was the winner of our Halloween Contest. Michaela won by guessing exactly how many pieces of candy corn were in the witch pinata! Great job Michaela!

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